“The Maldive Shark” by Herman Melville

An asylum in jaws of the Fates!

“Death To Paint Us” by J. Michael Martinez

there is always one more death to paint us an ochre without axle aiming us like a sunflower down a path a harp once followed to still the scythe before losing love against itself   Dying for a good read? Revive yourself at Academy of American Poets!

“Hair” by Francisco Aragón

for M 1. who conceived that ravine or the contour of those slopes Torbay —washing over him as he swims— is trying to say don’t let the barber shave below his collar 2. I love breathing him in my fingers raking his chest a cub wanders the forest after Andrés Montoya & Francisco X. Alarcón … Continue reading “Hair” by Francisco Aragón