“Death To Paint Us” by J. Michael Martinez

there is always one more death to paint us an ochre without axle aiming us like a sunflower down a path a harp once followed to still the scythe before losing love against itself   Dying for a good read? Revive yourself at Academy of American Poets!


Ancestor worship: we are what we were

Considering how others make us who we are.

A Sense of Peace — Success Inspirers’ World

Every single time a monk crosses my path, I can’t help but stare. The blast of colour from their saffron robe, awakens me. This striking, bright shade layered onto glistening brown skin, a cleanly shaved head and pearly white smile. One of the most captivating images I have ever laid my eyes on. Simply being […] … Continue reading A Sense of Peace — Success Inspirers’ World