Ladies, listen up… — The Voice of Peace

You’ll never be enough for the wrong man and no matter what you do, the right one will never leave you. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves just to be perfect for our partner but we are so wrong. First, no one but our God in heaven is perfect. With time, I […] … Continue reading Ladies, listen up… — The Voice of Peace


Spirituality in a Traffic-Jam — The Violet Tree

Traffic can be scary. Traffic can make you weary. And yet I have found that some of the best advice always comes from some of the worst experiences man goes through.

The Simplicity Of Inner Peace — thesecretblind

Each person has their own version of what inner peace is and none of them can ever be wrong. Whilst one person’s inner peace may be found at a noisy gig, another’s may be found during a lengthy pilgrimage. Inner peace has less to do with volume and more to do with absence. Peace has […] … Continue reading The Simplicity Of Inner Peace — thesecretblind

Why not try a kinder way? — A Kinder Way

Have you ever wondered why you seem to struggle with things that come so much easier to others?