“Writing an Elegy” by Rickey Laurentiis

But so tangled in the branches they had to leave it, the conquistador's black beard cut from his head whose neck had snapped his deadness the others had to burn then, for the wind to take evenly away. If not for his lust, his sickness to chase, to claim her; if not for that Native … Continue reading “Writing an Elegy” by Rickey Laurentiis


Stop Calling it “Stress.” It’s Fear. And it Won’t be “Managed.” — Peace Hacks

“Stress” has the same effect as fear – adrenaline, the “fight-or-flight” response, an inability to focus on anything else until the threat is mitigated.

Ladies, listen up… — The Voice of Peace

You’ll never be enough for the wrong man and no matter what you do, the right one will never leave you. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves just to be perfect for our partner but we are so wrong. First, no one but our God in heaven is perfect. With time, I […] … Continue reading Ladies, listen up… — The Voice of Peace