“Lilies” by Max Ruth

He said, "You're beautiful Like a flower." I said, "Pick me And I'll die." So he groped me By the stem And ripped me From my life. I blossomed In his sun He inhaled my scent as it rained I asked, Can this last forever? Ignoring a Destiny, preordained. I wilted The next morning And … Continue reading “Lilies” by Max Ruth


“Writing an Elegy” by Rickey Laurentiis

But so tangled in the branches they had to leave it, the conquistador's black beard cut from his head whose neck had snapped his deadness the others had to burn then, for the wind to take evenly away. If not for his lust, his sickness to chase, to claim her; if not for that Native … Continue reading “Writing an Elegy” by Rickey Laurentiis

“A Place to Stay, Untouched by Death” by Jane Ratcliffe

A place to stay untouched by death Does not exist. It does not exist in space, it does not exist in the ocean, Nor if you stay in the middle of a mountain.  -Buddha A touching story about helping a loved one pass peacefully.

Friday feels: “High hopes” by Panic! At the Disco

It's incredible to hear the evolution of a band that I was listening to in high school! You can really hear how they've changed with the times. Truly fantastic 🙂

Facing our fears: Part 1, understanding ourselves

Be the healer the world needs.