Prayer collection: Prayer of the Three Buddha Bodies

Whatever is seen through the eyes, the outer universe and the living
beings within –
However they seem, remain in a state of non-grasping to them as real.
In such freedom from duality, all things are seen as Buddha form,
Luminous yet empty, free of desire and attachment;
I invoke the Buddha for whom desire frees itself.

Whatever sounds are heard through the ears – be they pleasant or
annoying –
Hear them as sounds of emptiness; remain in that state without
Empty sounds are the Buddha’s speech, beginningless and endless.
I invoke the Buddha’s speech of sound and emptiness;

Whatever thoughts stir within the mind –
Whichever emotion-laden thoughts of the five poisons arise –
Do not alter the mind by retracing the past or anticipating the future.
When thoughts settle naturally into themselves, liberation into the
body of ultimate truth is attained.
I invoke the Buddha of intrinsically liberated awareness;

May grasping to what seems outer – the world – be purified.
May fixation on what seems inner – the mind – be liberated.
May what lies between – clear light – be self-aware.
Buddhas of the three times, through your compassion, may the minds
of all beings like me be freed.

Courtesy of the Florida Community of Mindfulness

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