Prayer collection: Eight Verses of Thought Transformation

With the thought of attaining enlightenment
For the welfare of all beings,
Who are more precious than wish-fulfilling jewels,
I will constantly practice holding them dear.
Whenever I am with others
I will practice seeing myself as the lowest of all,
And from the very depths of my heart
I will recognize others as supreme.
In all actions I will examine my mind and
The moment a delusion arises
Endangering myself and others,
I will firmly confront and avert it.
Whenever I meet a person of bad nature
Who is overwhelmed by negative energy and intense suffering,
I will hold such a rare one dear,
As if I had found a precious treasure.
When others, out of jealousy,
Mistreat me with abuse, slander and scorn,
I will practice accepting defeat
And offering the victory to them.
When someone I have benefited
And in whom I have placed great trust
Hurts me very badly,
I will practice seeing that person as my supreme teacher.
In short, I will offer directly and indirectly
Every benefit and happiness to all beings, my mothers.
I will practice in secret taking upon myself
All their harmful actions and suffering.
Through perceiving all phenomena as illusory
I will keep these practices
Undefiled by the stains of the eight worldly concerns,
And, free from clinging, I will release all beings
From the bondage of the disturbing unsubdued mind and karma.

by Lama Tangpa Dorje Senge
(11th Century meditation master)

Courtesy of Florida Community of Mindfulness

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