Prayer Collection: Four Thoughts That Turn One’s Mind to Dharma

First, a precious human birth favorable for Dharma practice,
Is hard to obtain and easily lost.
I must make this life meaningful.
Second, the world and all its inhabitants are impermanent as the clouds of autumn.
The births and deaths of beings are like watching a dance.
The speed of human’s lives is like lightning in the sky;
It passes as swiftly as a stream down a steep mountain.
In particular, the life of each being is like a water bubble.
It is uncertain when I will die and become a corpse.
At that time, only Dharma can help,
I must practice now with diligence.
Third, when death comes there is no freedom,
And karma takes its course.
Since I create my own karma,
I should abandon all unwholesome actions
And always devote my time to wholesome actions.
With this in mind, I must observe my mind-stream each day.
Fourth, just like the feast before the executioner leads me to my death,
Home, friends, pleasures, and possessions of samsara
Cause me vexation by means of the three sufferings.
I must cut through all attachment
And strive to attain enlightenment.

Courtesy of the Florida Community of Mindfulness

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