Are you ready for some zen?

I’ve found some hilarious and fun Buddhist items on Amazon that I wanted to share with you all!

Never had the time to get ordained? No worries! Instant monastery status!

Halloween Buddhist Monk Costume All Over Adult T-Shirt

Reach new levels of zen with this buddhist monk costume. You’ll look like you’re really wearing an orange robe thrown over one shoulder with your bare chest partially exposed.

A Sp00py mala for when you need to contemplate non-attachment to this saha world …

Halloween Skull Beads Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Rosary Meditation Mala

Review says: A fun long necklace in the Rosary style. It will add pizzazz to any plain blouse or dress. This piece can make an outfit. Great price.

Tell ’em off, sister!

Namaste, Bitches car decal

Outdoor rated for seven years! That’s some karma for you …

Right Speech, pfft!

Mindful as F**K t-shirt

CURIOUS ABOUT LIVING MINDFULLY? Here’s a quick meditation that anyone can do. With a little practice, you’ll be mindful as f%&k! 1. Take a seat either in a chair or cross-legged on a cushion. Sit with your back straight and arms comfortably at your sides. F%&k yeah, there you go. 2. Let your gaze fall gently downward and just f%&king relax here for a few moments.

Got a sassy teen in your life? Raise ’em right.

Thick Thighs, Thin Patience t-shirt

I love the description though: Made of Soft Stretchy Fabric, It is Quite Well Received by Women for Cool and Fresh Summer Style.

Can’t escape it …

I Saw That – Karma T-Shirt

It’s everywhere!!!

I must have missed this part in the Dhammapada.

“Don’t Be A Dick – Buddha” Art Print

Make everyone think you’re very fancy and discriminating, until they look closer …

What’s a zen garden without some gnomes?

Yoga gnomes in choice of pose (or set!)

Make a good blend of East and West in your sacred space!

We can’t all live in a monastery, so make your office a sacred space …

Notes of the Buddha Sticky Notes

Enlighten everyone with each memo!

Do you have some funny Buddhist items you’ve found or own? Feel free to share!

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