Essay: “A Birth Plan for Dying” by Hanna Neuschwander

It was time to turn away, to walk out the doors. But I couldn’t make my body leave hers. John held me, steered me out of the room and down the hall. As soon as the doors opened and the night air came rushing at me, my legs gave out and I collapsed. A faraway sound came out of me that I think was the true sound of her body loosening itself from mine.

This absolutely heart-wrenching essay about the love of a mother for her child and the devastating decisions one must make in the process of mothering reminds you that behind polemics, there are people. Ticking like a death-rattle behind this family’s options are state laws around late-term abortions, ones made by people who will never meet Hanna nor experience her agony.

My soul goes out to Hanna, John, M, and all those who have had suffered such a loss.

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