The Simplicity Of Inner Peace — thesecretblind

Each person has their own version of what inner peace is and none of them can ever be wrong. Whilst one person’s inner peace may be found at a noisy gig, another’s may be found during a lengthy pilgrimage. Inner peace has less to do with volume and more to do with absence. Peace has […]

via The Simplicity Of Inner Peace — thesecretblind

What a wonderful post! It’s so true that inner peace is different for everyone. I feel most at peace when I am sitting in front of my homemade butsudan, candles lit, chanting, when it’s late at night and all I can hear between daimoku is the crickets chirping outside.

When I finish chanting and begin the silent prayers, I just feel so completely at one with the world and with myself, I want to wrap everyone up in this feeling with me. I want to bring the whole world to my altar and hold them, one by one, in the kindness I feel so deep in my heart.

May we all find our inner peace!

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