Buddhism vs Shamanism, in China. — The Tai Chi Notebook

My friend Damon is back with another Woven Energy podcast after a long break. Listen to “Episode 28 – Buddhism vs. Shamanism: Similarities, Differences and what we can learn” on Spreaker. This time he tackles an interesting subject – Buddhism. I imagine this will upset a lot of Buddhists (if that’s possible!) because he classifies […]

via Buddhism vs Shamanism, in China. — The Tai Chi Notebook

A lot of this history is present in Nichiren Buddhism, as Nichiren discusses the relation of spirituality to governance and how the spirituality of the people deeply concerns the stability of the state. Nichiren uses contemporary events in Japan and the history of Buddhism in China to justify his interpretation of the Lotus Sutra. 

Nichiren’s use of Buddhism is very similar to events in Han China, as he uses his interpretation of the Lotus Sutra and the events during the Kamakura government to claim that Pure Land Buddhism was a false interpretation of the Dharma.

Buddhism has been deeply political throughout its history as it has moved from India to different regions of Asia. It’s truly fascinating to see how different peoples have used the Dharma to their advantage throughout history.

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