Thank you THANK YOU! and, why I won’t be at 50k LOJ

I just want to give a big shout-out and THANK YOU to everyone who has liked posts and/or followed my blog in the past few days! Every little bit of feedback, whether it’s a comment, like, or follow is really appreciated!

I love to read content by other Buddhists and spiritual thinkers, so don’t be surprised if a delightful post of yours gets shared to this blog 🙂 and if you have a post you especially want me to see, always feel free to drop a link to it in a comment on my post! I’d love to check out your work! Thanks again!

Message Thank You Greeting Purple Card Thanks

Now to the crummy part of this post …

I am at home in my little suburb of Cleveland right now, but I was supposed to be in Columbus today, presenting a paper on the National Policy Institute’s role as a think tank and its connection to white nationalism. I am not there, obviously.

Tomorrow I was supposed to be boarding a bus at 5:30am to go with the rest of SGI-Cleveland to Chicago for 50k Lions of Justice. I will not be doing that either.

Why? Because yesterday I had a mole shaved off my chest and sent to the Cleveland Clinic’s lab for testing and I want to be close to the phone in case they call the test results in early.

The mole had been a normal looking mole, and then it turned into a mole that looked exactly like the one below.


Not a good mole!

The dermatologist said that it seemed normal and not to worry. But for some reason, my intuition is just screaming at me that the whole thing is Not Good. And my intuition is usually right.

So, we’ll see. I will of course let everyone know if I am a moron and the doctor is right, or if the doctor is wrong and I’m still a moron.

Hopefully it’s all ok.

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