Making peace with changing dreams… — The Reluctant Practitioner

What does it say about me that I want to switch gears?

via Making peace with changing dreams… — The Reluctant Practitioner

Even though I am only 26, I have changed gears many times in my life already. I started my college career in Biology (wanted to study rodents), switched to an English degree (wanted to be a teacher and a writer, then wanted to research gender and sexuality), THEN moved to Cleveland and studied public health for a year, and now I’m in an International Relations program and applying for a doctorate to study human trafficking. It’s been a strange winding road from wanting to be a vet at age five because I liked to pet puppies!

One of the things I’ve found that is most important is to look at all of the ways that your dreams have changed and to count the common threads throughout them. This can help to solidify what is at the root of your interests, and can give you a solid base to identify the pure intention underneath everything.

So for me, what is common among all of my research plans are:

  • desire to help people/beings
  • research
  • writing
  • coaching/mentoring

For me, it’s very important that the work I do be meaningful and make the world a better place. (No wonder I’m a Buddhist!) Since my own personal experiences have led me to feel strongly about sexual exploitation, and I have a strong desire for researching and writing, I want to do a doctorate about human trafficking, because I feel this is the worst of the worst when it comes to sexual exploitation. Becoming a professor would also allow me to coach and mentor younger people while still being able to write and research. I would get to do all of the things I enjoy doing – writing, researching, and mentoring – in this position.

Now, it’s just getting those doctorate applications done and finishing up my program! But reminding myself of my intention and chanting for my dreams helps to get me there 🙂

You’ll find your dream too! We all will, and I pray that all of us will find contentment and peace in the path we take.

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