Feather talk: summoning communication with a friend

Superstition says that when you find a feather, someone will be getting in contact with you soon. The person you think of first when you see the feather is probably the person that you want to get in touch, so to up your chances, use this simple charm to direct the Universe to your desires.

This charm is meant to work when you find a feather in nature, but you can use it if you have a store of feathers of your own. It will likely be less effective, however.

Pick up the feather and hold it close to your heart. Visualize the person you want to contact you and think cast your energy to them. Imagine them thinking of you and being moved to get in touch.

Look at the feather. Holding it in your dominant hand, feel it absorbing your intent and power. Imagine the feather floating from you to the intended person, carrying your message to them.

Hold the feather out into the breeze. Say,

I have heard you,
You have heard me.
I carry my message into the breeze.

Gently blow the feather out into the air, charging it with your message and power. Turn away and let it send your message to the intended recipient.

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